Anna Utkina

macro photographer
My name is Anna and I am a macro photographer based in Russia. I had started with watercolor painting and after I took up photography. My favorite genre is artistic macro photography. I love flowers – their beauty is wonderful and unique, multifaceted and short-lived. They delight us with their beauty, various form and color, and one day's fleeting scent is saved in memory if flowers' beauty is caught and captured in a photo.
My works are published in Russian and foreign print publications – The USA, England, Germany, Turkey and many others and they take prizes in different photography contests and photographic exhibitions, and they are also being successfully sold in photobanks on the front pages.
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Photography Week
Anna, your photos are brilliant. Thank you for your top images and please keep posting your amazing photos.
— Alvin, editor "Photography Week"
Soft, diffused light, lovely bokeh. Depth-of-field is wafer thin at high magnification, and Anna's made this even more tricky for herself by shooting wide open. The result is gorgeous: soft bokeh that blends the petals' colours like a watercolour, with just a tiny slither of the stamen in sharp focus.
— Jordan, editor "Digital SLR Photography"